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Substantial contributions to the design of the study: AMLP, JDJ and JR. Substantial contributions to the acquisition of data: KRL, AMLP, JDJ, JR and CZ. Substantial contributions to the analysis of data: AMLP and KR. Substantial contributions to the interpretation of data: KRL and AMLP. Authoring the first draft: KRL. Critically revising the manuscript: All authors. All authors read and approved the final manuscript.
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Home remedies Talk with your doctor before trying an alternative treatment for lichen planus. Some alternative medicines or vitamin supplements result in serious adverse reactions when combined with prescription medicines.
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Women’s, children’s & adolescents’ health WebMD Policies & Documents I am female, aged 64, I am retired now from working in office setting for about 38 years. At age 48 I was diagnosed with lichen planus by the dentist, after suffering for about six years. Previous dentist said I had gingivitis. Not so. The new dentist said to take echinacea with goldenseal root, and another herb which I’m unable to recall at this time (I don’t have medical records with me). Since the original cure, fast forward to today and I’ve developed another form of lichen planus on my wrists, forearms and ankles, also under armpits. I used echinacea with goldenseal and 3 weeks later all itching stopped. Scars on ankles, wrists, forearms, and armpits are gray or purple. Now I am looking for bleaching cream to help fade scars. By this submission, I hope others may benefit.
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Business solutions Export Citation It affects about 1% – 2% of the general population.
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Orthopedic Specialty Services Lichen planus affects around one percent of the general population. Both men and women can get lichen planus. Skin lichen planus affects men and women equally, but oral lichen planus affects women twice as often as men. Although it may occur at any age, it usually affects middle-aged adults. It is uncommon in the very young and elderly. This disease can affect any individual all over the world, regardless of the race, skin color and culture.
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A: Oral lichen planus is a chronic disease that can be controlled but not eliminated. A goal of therapy is to convert bothersome erosive or ulcerative oral lichen planus to the asymptomatic reticular form. Individuals with oral lichen planus often require some form of maintenance therapy to keep their disease under control. Oral lichen planus can be controlled but often will exhibit disease flare-ups requiring additional. Finally, following a healthy lifestyle consisting of a well-balanced diet, exercise and stress reduction is also beneficial.
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I have had lichen planus for about 4 years but was just recently diagnosed. Steroid pills and cream offered little to no relief, and my allergist started me on a prescription of an immune suppressant medication called cyclosporine about 2 weeks ago. My rash is almost gone, along with the itching, and for the first time in years my skin is beginning to look normal again. Could not be happier!
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Clave Pronunciation[edit] Last Update Posted: October 17, 2012 Statement of Ethics Observations  We performed a retrospective medical record review of 50 patients with histologically confirmed OLP. Patients were treated according to a therapeutic ladder of sequential treatments, beginning with topical corticosteroids and progressing through topical immunomodulators, systemic retinoids, methotrexate, and thalidomide. The best responses were observed in previously untreated patients. Most patients eventually achieved a substantial response with limited toxic effects.
Other Name: catechines I got lichen planus of skin 4 months back and the itchy rash spread all over my body. It responded very feebly to all the prescribed medicines by a dermatologist such as antihistamine pills, steroid cream, vitamin A and moisturizing cream. The suffering was so hard that I started to cry at times. The skin all over my body became hard and dark in color due to the itching. Finally I have approached a renowned homeopath. She made a patient profile after discussing with me about all my previous illnesses, stress level, etc., she agreed that it can be completely cured but will take time. For the first stage she treated me for reducing my stress by giving medicine for 1 month. Second stage treatment is for making the body fit again which I am undergoing now. So itching is 90 percent gone now.
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Background  Chronic erosive oral lichen planus (EOLP) is a severe form of lichen of the buccal mucosa that is often resistant to systemic or topical therapies. Proton therapy is considered the most advanced radiotherapy technique for the treatment of several types of cancer and especially ind[…]
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3536 Wee JS, Shirlaw PJ, Challacombe SJ, & Setterfield JF. Efficacy of mycophenolate mofetil in severe mucocutaneous lichen planus: a retrospective review of 10 patients. British Journal of Dermatology 2012;167(1): 36-43.
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