Tinea versicolor usually produces few symptoms. Occasionally, there is some slight itching that is more intense when a person gets hot. Zhou H, Tang XH, De Han J, Chen MK. Dermoscopy as an ancillary tool for the diagnosis of pityriasis versicolor. J Am Acad Dermatol. 2015 Dec. 73 (6):e205-6. [Medline]. Contact Us Mary Anne Torongo Edition: ENGLISH To help prevent tinea versicolor from returning, your doctor can prescribe a skin or oral treatment that you use once or twice a month. You may need to use these just during warm and humid months. Preventive treatments include: Scales are lightly scraped onto a slide and examined under a microscope for the presence of the yeast. A special light may help to make the diagnosis by showing a yellow-green color where the skin is affected. How to Clear Phlegm From Your Throat CON-20378371 There are many antifungal agents available to apply to the skin for the treatment of tinea versicolor. Over-the-counter (OTC) remedies include clotrimazole (Lotrimin, Mycelex) and miconazole (Lotrimin). These should be applied twice a day for 10-14 days but come in small tubes and are hard to apply to large areas. Another OTC option is selenium sulfide shampoo 1% (Selsun Blue) or 1% ketoconazole shampoo (Nizoral). Some doctors recommend applying these for 15 minutes twice a week for two to four weeks. Weight Loss & Obesity Viewers & Players Teens and young adults are most susceptible because they have oily skin. Edition: ENGLISH DEUTSCH ESPAÑOL FRANÇAIS PORTUGUÊS Sometimes pityriasis versicolor runs in families. It's also more likely to affect people who have a weakened immune system or who are malnourished. Accountable Care Organization Digestion Scales are lightly scraped onto a slide and examined under a microscope for the presence of the yeast. A special light may help to make the diagnosis by showing a yellow-green color where the skin is affected. Pulmonary/Critical Care Skin Rashes Blog Audio Interviews Itraconazole (Onmel, Sporanox) tablets, capsules or oral solution Healthy Kids In the United States, tinea versicolor is most common in persons aged 15-24 years, when the sebaceous glands are more active. The occurrence of tinea versicolor before puberty or after age 65 years is uncommon. [21] In more tropical countries, age frequency varies; most cases involve people aged 10-19 years who live in warmer, humid countries, such as Liberia and India. Skin Problems and Treatments After any form of treatment, the uneven color of the skin may remain several months after the yeast has been eliminated. Tinea versicolor may reappear. To prevent recurrences, special cleansers may need to be used once or twice a month. Ferri FF. Tinea versicolor. In: Ferri's Clinical Advisor 2018. Philadelphia, Pa.: Elsevier; 2018. https://www.clinicalkey.com. Accessed March 15, 2018. Doxycycline Tinea versicolor is a common fungal skin infection affecting primarily healthy people caused by a fungus that is found on normal human skin. Jump up ^ Mohanty J, Sethi J, Sharma MK (2001). "Efficacy of itraconazole in the treatment of tinea versicolor". Indian J Dermatol Venereol Leprol. 67 (5): 240–1. PMID 17664760. Quality Care View Consumer VersionWritten in everyday language However, tinea versicolor can look different in patients with skin of color: Urgent Care Author Primary Hyperparathyroidism Pityriasis rosea Selected specialties Krisanty RI, Bramono K, Made Wisnu I. Identification of Malassezia species from pityriasis versicolor in Indonesia and its relationship with clinical characteristics. Mycoses. 2009 May. 52(3):257-62. [Medline]. People who have a weakened immune system are generally more susceptible to infections, so they are also more likely to be affected by tinea versicolor. Things that can weaken the immune system include having certain types of cancer or taking medication that suppresses the immune system – following an organ transplant, for instance. Tinea versicolor also appears to run in families. Share via Pinterest Doctors and Medical Staff Non-greasy formula (label may read "oil-free" or "non-comedogenic"). CONTINUE SCROLLING FOR RELATED ARTICLE WebMD MedicineNet eMedicineHealth RxList WebMD Corporate N Engl J Med 2016; 374:e11 Tinea versicolor - American Academy of Dermatology Community portal Treatment[edit] Movies & More Current review View all topics Most people get tinea versicolor when they are teenagers or young adults. It is rare in the elderly and in children, except in tropicalclimates where it can occur at any age. Both dark- and light-skinned people are equally prone to its development. People with oily skin may be more susceptible than those with naturally dry skin. When to Contact a Medical Professional Living Well Is it possible to prevent tinea versicolor? Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Tinea Versicolor - Treatment Tweet Female Incontinence In addition to following standard treatments it is recommended that skin of color patients are given more aggressive treatment due to the secondary skin color changes, which can last several months even with successful treatment. LOG IN | REGISTER Keywords Sometimes pityriasis versicolor runs in families. It's also more likely to affect people who have a weakened immune system or who are malnourished. Community Involvement Pityriasis versicolor usually clears up quickly with treatment. But the skin patches may stay discolored for weeks or months. To make them less noticeable, it's important to use sunscreen to prevent the skin from tanning or burning. If a fungus grows a lot it may lead to a medical condition. Tinea versicolor is one example. This skin condition is caused by a fungus, and is usually harmless. Many people who have it don’t know that a fungus is to blame for their discolored skin patches. Read about the typical symptoms and effective treatments. Clewiston Deutsch Most cases of tinea versicolor occur in healthy individuals with no immunologic deficiencies. Nevertheless, several factors predispose some people to develop this condition. These factors include genetic predisposition; warm, humid environments; immunosuppression; malnutrition; application of oily preparations; corticosteroid usage; and Cushing disease. [11, 12, 13] The use of bath oils and skin lubricants may increase the risk of developing tinea versicolor. [14] Although the light- or dark-colored spots can resemble other skin conditions, tinea versicolor can be easily recognized by your dermatologist. In most cases, the appearance of the skin is diagnostic, but a simple examination of the fine scales scraped from the skin can confirm the diagnosis. When Prostate Cancer Spreads Gupta AK, Copper EA, Simpson FC. Tinea versicolor (pityriasis versicolor). In: Lebwohl MG, Heymann WR, Berth-Jones J, Coulson I, eds. Treatment of Skin Disease: Comprehensive Therapeutic Strategies. 4th ed. Philadelphia, PA: Elsevier Saunders; 2014:chap 236. Sex, Dating and Women First Aid & Emergencies Topics A-Z Slideshows Images Quizzes Medications Medical Dictionary eTools About Us Privacy Terms of Use Advertising Policy Site Map Contact Us Mentee Application Because IQWiG is a German institute, some of the information provided here is specific to the German health care system. The suitability of any of the described options in an individual case can be determined by talking to a doctor. We do not offer individual consultations. What Are Risk Factors for Tinea Versicolor? Migraine or HeadacheWhat's the Difference? DDx How do dermatologists diagnose tinea versicolor? Women's Health The yeast tends to live on dead skin and gravitates towards oil. Also, the yeast tends to spread in warm, humid weather, which is why I was always noticing it more in the late spring and summer. “The yeast is an opportunist, so when conditions are ripe for it to multiply, it gets going,” says Schultz. No wonder the American Academy of Dermatology lists it as one of the most common skin diseases in tropical and sub-tropical areas. Once you've been diagnosed with tinea versicolor, it's not something that can be cured. The yeast malassezia is always there as a part of the microbial ecosystem on your skin, and the patches can keep recurring, but there are ways to manage the symptoms. what is tinea versicolor | tinea versicolor treatment cream what is tinea versicolor | yeast spots on skin what is tinea versicolor | how do you get tinea versicolor
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