Photosensitivity dermatoses This tool does not provide medical advice. See additional information. Mayo Clinic Marketplace Your colleague has shared this page on atopic dermatitis. For researchers Quality care, guidelines and reporting Allergy card See All About Allergies: Be Ready for Spring, a Critical Images slideshow, to help identify a variety of allergens and symptoms. See all (111) Scopus (125) Using a humidifier (cool mist) in both winter and summer Alternative Jump to navigationJump to search Neill and Ridley (2001) reported that anogenital lichen sclerosus may commonly cause sexual dysfunction. Other vulvar dermatoses such as psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, squamous cell hyperplasia, lichen simplex chronicus, contact dermatitis, and erosive lichen planus can result in vulvodynia, dyspareunia, and sexual dysfunction (Davis and Hutchison, 1999; Burrows et al, 2008). Because anogenital skin lesions may result in difficulties in sexual function, we did not include patients with anogenital neurodermatitis in our study. Poverty Diabetes Wear loose-fitting cotton clothing that feels smooth to the touch. Tight clothing can irritate the skin, causing the area to itch. It’s also best to avoid clothing made of wool or a synthetic fabric like polyester or rayon. Event calendar Diseases of the blood (hematology) When to see a doctor Programs Noguchi E Asthma Diagnosis New publications Primary Hyperparathyroidism Homey B Press Release   Policies and Guidelines | Contact Can Dogs Have Allergies?  Neurodermatitis is marked by the development of an itchy patch. It can occur anywhere on the skin, most commonly on arms, legs, back of the neck, around the anus and genital areas. When it appears in the genital area, it often appears on the scrotum or vulva. Toggle Thumbstrip Drugs & Diseases Delusions of parasitosis Podda M 5. Wang XL, Zhao TE, Zhang XO. Assessment on the reliability and validity of the Dermatology Life Quality Index in Chinese version. Zhonghau Liu Xing Bing Xue Za Zhi. 2004;25:791. [PubMed] Scopus (117) Found an error? Select it and press Ctrl + Enter. Reich K Copyright © 1995-2018. Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. Pathomorphology Kept Your Wisdom Teeth? Mit Heuschnupfen leben Horse Intolleranza al lattosio This year’s report named McAllen, Texas, as the top Spring Allergy Capital due to its: aha!shop: other booklets and factsheets provides detailed information and are available in German, French, Italian severe schwer, schlimm Booklet Order Form Yale Liu, Tian Li, Jingang An, Weihui Zeng and Shengxiang Xiao, Rasch analysis holds no brief for the use of the Dermatology Life Quality Index (DLQI) in Chinese neurodermatitis patients, Health and Quality of Life Outcomes, 14, 1, (2016). Continuing Education for Health Care Professionals Neurology/Neurosurgery Obstetrics/Gynecology Movies, TV Would you like to report this content as inappropriate? Click here EMAIL A LINK TO THIS PAGE Search: Resources Community Emergency Medicine Climate and plants In A Nutshell Find a directory of doctors and departments at all Mayo Clinic campuses. Visit now.. Multimedia Jirapongsananuruk O Age, education, occupation, number of children, contraceptive methods, disease duration, and dermatologic examination findings were recorded. All lesions in the patients were localized on their backs, where neurodermatitis lesions are commonly seen. We wanted to eliminate the localization factor from sexual function and evaluate the impacts of this skin disease alone on sexual function. Therefore, patients with anogenital localization were excluded from this study. Routine blood count, biochemistry, erythrocyte sedimentation rate, and urinalysis were performed for each participant. The functional integrity of the hypothalamo‐pituitary‐gonadal axis was examined in all participants by measuring the levels of follicle‐stimulating hormone, luteinizing hormone, estradiol, free testosterone, prolactin, and sex hormone–binding globulin. Participants suffering from pulmonary, hepatic, hematologic, renal, and endocrine diseases such as diabetes mellitus, as well as thyroid function disorders and inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, were excluded from the study. Other exclusion criteria included pregnancy and gynecologic and systemic disorders that might affect female sexual function such as hormonal, muscular, neurologic, or cardiovascular diseases and psychologic disorders. Participants on antidepressants and other drugs that are known to interfere with sexual function and postmenopausal women receiving oral or vaginal estrogen therapy for the prevention of climacteric symptoms or vaginal dryness were also excluded from the study. 8. Meulders A, Vansteenwegen D, Vlaeyen JW. Women, but not men, report increasingly more pain during repeated (un)predictable painful electrocutaneous stimulation: Evidence for mediation by fear of pain. Pain. 2012 May;153(5):1030–41. [PubMed] Complications 17. Takahashi N, Suzukamo Y, Nakamura sM. et al. Acne QOL Questionnaire Development Team. Japanese version of the Dermatology Life Quality Index: validity and reliability in patients with acne. Health Qual Life Outcomes. 2006;4:46. [PMC free article] [PubMed] Stay Connected Scree plot of the factor analyses of DLQI. Ongenae K states that psoriasis has been studied extensively and is widely accepted as causing considerable psychosocial distress and quality of life impairment10. In this study, we chose to compare neurodermatitis patients with psoriasis patients seeking treatment in our hospital. Total Bravo Packing, Inc. 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