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Good Skin Knowledge lesson plans and activities Hyperpigmented macules forming some confluent patches on the abdomen. While scale is not readily apparent, it is easily provoked with light scratching. On dark skin, affected areas may be hypopigmented or hyperpigmented.
Interaction Know Your Migraine Triggers Did You Know ClearTurn OffTurn On Skin biopsy—fungal elements may be seen within the outer cells of the skin (stratum corneum) on histopathology. Special stains may be required.
In tinea versicolor, small round or oval patches of skin appear at first, and later merge into larger patches with irregular shapes. They are especially common on the back, chest, neck and/or arms. They may occur on the face as well, particularly in children.
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See your doctor if: Recurrences of pityriasis versicolor 2 Pathophysiology
SITE INFORMATION Position statements Several studies have addressed the frequency of tinea versicolor based on sex, and no dominance of either sex is apparent. Patient Management
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Croxtall J, Plosker G. Sertaconazole: a reviw of its use in the management of superficial mycoses in dermatology and gynacology. Ingenta/Adis International. Jan 2009. 69:339-359. [Medline].
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Special Report America’s Pain: The Opioid Epidemic WebMD App The diagnosis of tinea versicolor is often made clinically (by appearance), but the best way to make the diagnosis is with a potassium hydroxide (KOH) scraping that shows a characteristic “spaghetti and meatballs” of hyphae (which resemble long branches) and spores (spheres). Sometimes the yeast can be found after stripping the skin surface with clear adhesive tape and examining the tape under the microscope. Culture on regular fungal culture media requires the addition of fatty acids such as olive oil and is rarely necessary for diagnosis. Biopsy may show the yeast hyphae and spores, but biopsies are generally only recommended for unusual cases and those not responding to therapy in the consideration of other diagnoses.
Teens Skin Healthy Lifestyle A skin eruption caused by the Malassezia fungus. These yeasts are normally found on the human skin and only become troublesome under certain circumstances, such as a warm and humid environment.
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Diversity and Inclusion Acne What Are Complications of Tinea Versicolor?
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March 10, 2016 Clewiston Diet Also called: Dermatomycosis furfuracea, Tinea flava
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Tinea Versicolor (Pityriasis Versicolor) Janaki C, Sentamilselvi G, Janaki VR, Boopalraj JM. Unusual observations in the histology of Pityriasis versicolor. Mycopathologia. 1997. 139(2):71-4. [Medline].
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Sharon Barrineau, ARNP, DCNP Drugs & Diseases We all have yeast living on our skin. When they grow out of control, a person can get a skin disease called tinea versicolor.
Mount Sinai Access Although the light- or dark-colored spots can resemble other skin conditions, tinea versicolor can be easily recognized by your dermatologist. In most cases, the appearance of the skin is diagnostic, but a simple examination of the fine scales scraped from the skin can confirm the diagnosis.
Morishita N, Sei Y, Sugita T. Molecular analysis of malassezia microflora from patients with pityriasis versicolor. Mycopathologia. 2006 Feb. 161(2):61-5. [Medline].
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Topics A–Z There are many antifungal agents available to apply to the skin for the treatment of tinea versicolor. Over-the-counter (OTC) remedies include clotrimazole (Lotrimin, Mycelex) and miconazole (Lotrimin). These should be applied twice a day for 10-14 days but come in small tubes and are hard to apply to large areas. Another OTC option is selenium sulfide shampoo 1% (Selsun Blue) or 1% ketoconazole shampoo (Nizoral). Some doctors recommend applying these for 15 minutes twice a week for two to four weeks.
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    Karakas M, Durdu M, Memisoglu HR. Oral fluconazole in the treatment of tinea versicolor. J Dermatol. 2005 Jan. 32(1):19-21. [Medline].
    What Are Some Alternative Diagnoses?
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    – Pityriasis rosea (PR). PR starts with a “herald patch” days before onset of the generalized eruption; the eruption consists of thin flesh-colored or pink oval plaques with a trailing collarette of scale, typically in a “Christmas tree” distribution on the trunk and proximal extremities. PR usually resolves spontaneously in 4-8 weeks.
    Wood lamp (black light) examination— yellow-green fluorescence may be observed in affected areas

  4. Ferri FF. Tinea versicolor. In: Ferri’s Clinical Advisor 2018. Philadelphia, Pa.: Elsevier; 2018. Accessed March 15, 2018.
    Pityriasis versicolor – pathology
    Call your provider if you develop symptoms of tinea versicolor.

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    Sometimes pityriasis versicolor runs in families. It’s also more likely to affect people who have a weakened immune system or who are malnourished.
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