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A characteristic biopsy finding is dermal inflammation rich in plasma cells. Serologic studies such as rapid plasma reagin (RPR) and fluorescent treponemal antibody-absorption (FTA-ABS) confirm the diagnosis.
Tinea versicolor is a common fungal infection of the skin in adolescents and young adults and leads to discolored patches of skin, usually pale (hypopigmented) spots on the upper back and shoulders. It is caused by a yeast (Malassezia furfur), which produces a substance that suppresses color production in the skin, leading to the pale spots. On lighter skin, it may appear pink or light brown in color.
Sign Up It’s Free! Ever seen light-colored spots on your back or chest? It might have been tinea versicolor, a relatively common fungal infection
Venice Review Date 10/31/2016 Audio Your dermatologist may tell you that you have a fungal infection on your skin. Yeast is a type of fungus. Choose A Location
Residents NEWSLETTERS Tinea versicolor is a common skin condition. In countries with a more moderate climate it affects about 1% of the population, and in some tropical countries it affects about 40%. It is just as common in men as it is in women. Most people first get it at a young age.
With treatment, the yeast is easy to kill. The skin, however, may stay lighter (or darker) for weeks or months. The skin will eventually return to its normal color. To help even out your skin tone, you should protect your skin from the sun and not tan.
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Part of: Tinea (Ringworm), Skin Infections We all have yeast living on our skin. When they grow out of control, a person can get a skin disease called tinea versicolor.
What causes it You live in a hot climate Stefan Doig, MD Tinea versicolor is very common, and though it’s annoying, it’s fortunately not dangerous. “It’s a skin condition caused by a specific kind of yeast called malassezia,” New York City dermatologist Janet Prystowsky, M.D. tells SELF. Malassezia is something that exists naturally on the skin, and tinea versicolor is an overgrowth of this yeast. Malassezia is also the cause for other skin conditions like dandruff and psoriasis. And while it can’t be spread by skin-on-skin contact (meaning it’s not contagious), it’s hard to determine just what causes tinea versicolor, says Schultz.
African Americans may have a loss of skin color or an increase in skin color. Dermatology Advisor Facebook Movies & More Pityriasis versicolor is more common in hot, humid climates than in cool, dry climates. It often affects people that perspire heavily. It may clear in the winter months and recur each summer.
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Health Problems Medscape Consult Dietary alterations have not proved successful in the treatment of tinea versicolor. Diagnosis of tinea versicolor is based on clinical appearance and by identification of hyphae and budding cells (“spaghetti and meatballs”) on potassium hydroxide wet mount of fine scale scrapings.
Create Account Health Volunteers Overseas While oral ketoconazole is contraindicated for the treatment of tinea versicolor, the topical foam may be useful in some patients. [38] The risk of serious liver damage, adrenal gland problems, and harmful drug interactions with use of oral ketoconazole outweighs it benefit for fungal skin infections. [39]
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Ear, Nose and Throat youtube Neurosurgery Most cases of tinea versicolor occur in healthy individuals with no immunologic deficiencies. Nevertheless, several factors predispose some people to develop this condition. These factors include genetic predisposition; warm, humid environments; immunosuppression; malnutrition; application of oily preparations; corticosteroid usage; and Cushing disease. [11, 12, 13] The use of bath oils and skin lubricants may increase the risk of developing tinea versicolor. [14]
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General information Zhou H, Tang XH, De Han J, Chen MK. Dermoscopy as an ancillary tool for the diagnosis of pityriasis versicolor. J Am Acad Dermatol. 2015 Dec. 73 (6):e205-6. [Medline].
Candidiasis (Mucocutaneous) Treatment of tinea versicolor is usually effective, but recurrence is common.
Tinea versicolor signs and symptoms include: Patches that may be white, pink, red, or brown and can be lighter or darker than the skin around them.
STUDENTSTORIES Omeprazole Media Inquiries If your spots don;t improve with treatment after one to two weeks, it’s a good idea to see a physician or dermatologist for prescription options, says Evan Rieder, MD, a dermatologist at NYU Langone. The prescription options are similar to the over-the-counter options, including anti-fungal shampoos, creams and ointments.
History Print the entire contents of article Propylene glycol solution After any form of treatment, the uneven color of the skin may remain several months after the yeast has been eliminated. Tinea versicolor may reappear. To prevent recurrences, special cleansers may need to be used once or twice a month.
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Drugs A – Z Hot, humid weather and lots of sweating can create a warm, moist environment for the yeast to overgrow. This is why the infection is more common in tropical countries. The yeast also likes an oily environment, so oily skin can play a part (and of course, teens and young adults can have oily skin).
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Medical Author: Gary W. Cole, MD, FAAD Press Releases The Merck Manual: “Tinea Versicolor.”
What to Read Next on Medscape Food & Fitness Pathophysiology Family & Pregnancy Medical Editor: Complete List Editorial Policy “In more severe cases, your physician may even prescribe anti-fungal pills to kill the yeast,” says Dr. Daveluy.
Tinea versicolor can usually be diagnosed simply based on the typical groupings of smaller light or dark patches on the upper body and/or arms. To rule out other possible skin conditions, your doctor might use a transparent adhesive strip to take a sample of the scaly skin and inspect it under a microscope. This is usually enough to determine whether it is tinea versicolor.
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