Dialogues in Dermatology There are two incidence peaks: International resources In the middle part of the chest Twitter Support AAD Baby shampoo July 25, 2018 Topical calcineurin inhibitors are effective, well-tolerated second-line treatments for seborrheic dermatitis, but they are not approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for this use. Seborrheic dermatitis is a papulosquamous disorder patterned on the sebum-rich areas of the scalp, face, and trunk (see the image below). In addition to sebum, this dermatitis is linked to Malassezia, [1] immunologic abnormalities, and activation of complement. Its severity ranges from mild dandruff to exfoliative erythroderma. Adults and adolescents: Scalp Hair Loss What causes them, and what you can do about them. Neurological and psychiatric diseases: Parkinson disease, tardive dyskinesia, depression, epilepsy, facial nerve palsy, spinal cord injury and congenital disorders such as Down syndrome 800-818-7546 or 415-499-3474 NCBI Handbook Support Center November 23, 2017 NCBI News & Blog Infants: Diaper area and elsewhere 3. Strumia, R. (2005). “Dermatologic Signs in Patients with Eating Disorders.” American Journal of Clinical Dermatology 6(3): 165-173. Firooz A, Solhpour A, Gorouhi F, et al. Pimecrolimus cream, 1%, vs hydrocortisone acetate cream, 1%, in the treatment of facial seborrheic dermatitis: a randomized, investigator-blind, clinical trial. Arch Dermatol. 2006 Aug. 142(8):1066-7. [Medline]. Patient information: Seborrheic dermatitis (The Basics) – UpToDate (for subscribers) Any use of this site constitutes your agreement to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy linked below. Scale softener, such as a cream that contains coal tar or salicylic acid and sulfur Ciclopirox 1% shampoo (Loprox) Researchers are still studying what causes this common skin disease. From what they have learned, it appears that the cause is complex. Many factors seem to work together to cause seborrheic dermatitis. These factors may include the yeast that normally lives on our skin, our genes, living in a cold and dry climate, stress, and a person’s overall health. The diagnosis is most often made clinically. The following tests may be useful if questions still remain: What are the best treatments for seborrheic dermatitis? Walking may prevent heart failure in senior women Health Corticosteroid lotions Regular washing of the scalp with baby shampoo or aqueous cream is followed by gentle brushing to clear the scales. Tinea Versicolor TOPICS Derm Coding Consult Journals in NCBI Databases Reproduction or republication strictly prohibited without prior written permission. Green CA, Farr PM, Shuster S. Treatment of seborrhoeic dermatitis with ketoconazole: II. Response of seborrhoeic dermatitis of the face, scalp and trunk to topical ketoconazole. Br J Dermatol. 1987 Feb. 116(2):217-21. [Medline]. Fritsch, PO, Reider, N., Bolognia, JL, Jorizzo, JL, Rapini, RP. "Other eczematous eruptions". Dermatology. Mosby-Elsevier. 2008. pp. 197-200. UniGene Cleveland Clinic: "Seborrheic Dermatitis." ARTICLES ON ALOPECIA AREATA Berk, T. & Schienfeld, N. (2010, June). Seborrheic dermatitis. Pharmacy & Therapeutics, 35(6), 348-352. Retrieved from https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2888552/ Diversity Mentorship Program FSMB Interstate Compact Policies and Guidelines | Contact Diseases & Conditions Seborrheic Dermatitis The Skin of Color Society (SOCS)     303 West State Street | Geneva, IL 60134 USA | Office: 630-578-3991 | Fax: 630-262-1520 info@skinofcolorsociety.org UpToDate: "Cradle cap and seborrheic dermatitis in infants." About Us Log in Table of contents Fee schedule Bhadoriya, Y. (2017, May 10). Seborrheic dermatitis causes, symptoms and treatment: Homeopathic perspective [Abstract]. World Journal of Pharmaceutical and Medical Research, 3(5), 237-239. Retrieved from http://www.wjpmr.com/home/article_abstract/529 Maniar, J, Kamath, R., Tyring, SK, Lupi, O, Hengge, UR. "HIV and HIV-associated disorders". Tropical Dermatology. Elsevier-Churchill Livingstone. 2006. pp. 112. Injured skin CME Video New Shop AAD White petrolatum may be useful.   Twitter When an infant gets seborrheic dermatitis, it tends to form on the scalp and is known as cradle cap. Signs and symptoms of cradle cap include: Your risk increases if you have any of these medical conditions: White or yellowish crusty scale on the surface. 2019 Annual Meeting Supplements Drugs & Supplements Although treatment cannot cure seborrheic dermatitis, treatment has benefits. Treatment can loosen and remove scale, prevent a skin infection, and reduce swelling and itch. DNA & RNA Find This Academy resources for: For Researchers You can now embed our Search Bar in your independent practice, hospital website or blog. Causes & Triggers In cases where corticosteroids are not appropriate, or when they have been used for a prolonged period, a non-corticosteroid topical medication such as tacrolimus (Protopic) or pimecrolimus (Elidel) may be prescribed. These medications are called topical calcineurin inhibitors (TCIs) and are approved for use by adults and children two years of age or older. Oral antifungal agents may be used in very severe cases. Sarah Lee, BA and Roopal V. Kundu, MD Burning, erythema, folliculitis, hypopigmentation, pruritus, skin atrophy There are salmon-pink patches that may flake or peel. Reduction in density correlates with treatment success Good Skin Knowledge lesson plans and activities Mayo Clinic does not endorse companies or products. 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