What Your Face Says About Your Health Message Board By Mayo Clinic Staff Anyone can develop rosacea. But you may be more likely to develop it if you: Rosacea can affect more than the skin and eyes. Because rosacea is a chronic (long-lasting) skin disease, it can reduce a person’s quality of life. Many people report problems at work, in their marriage, and with meeting new people. Surveys and studies report that living with rosacea can cause: Patches of rough, dry skin Why Is My Skin Scaly? 6/28/2018AOCD Now Offering Online CME FAQs Rosacea may be mistaken for rosy cheeks, sunburn, or quite often, acne. Second Trimester Oregano oil. www.naturaldatabase.therapeuticresearch.com. Accessed June 24, 2016. blushing, Small, red lines under the skin Health Volunteers Overseas Grant Rosacea: Tips for managing You Are Here: Healthy Cats Additional information is available from the American Academy of Dermatology at http://www.AAD.org. Names of U.S. board-certified dermatologists are available on this web site. 10 things to try when acne won’t clear Skin, hair, and nail care Alumni Center A protein that normally protects the skin from infection, cathelicidin, may cause the redness and swelling. How the body processes this protein may determine whether a person gets rosacea. Publications WebMDRx What kinds of treatments have been effective for your rosacea? alcohol, including red wine, beer, vodka, gin, bourbon, and champagne; Raised patches of skin called plaques  Loading... Facial skin hyper-reactivity: Sensitive blood vessels dilate easily to touch and some other physical stimuli, such as sunlight. Many mistakenly refer to this as "sensitive skin," but, with rosacea, it is caused by sensitive blood vessels and not sensitive skin cells. Heart Attack and Atherosclerosis Prevention Rosacea - Triggers and Diet Ocular rosacea causes redness and irritation in the eyes and swollen eyelids. The person may look as if they have a sty. JAAD quizzes Who's at Risk for Hepatitis C? Common Conditions Rosacea treatment for your eyes Medscape Reference Research Could Probiotics Be the Next Big Thing in Acne and Rosacea Treatments? (American Academy of Dermatology) Excellence in Medical Dermatology™ Some things can make your rosacea become worse, or flare. What causes a flare in one person might not cause a flare in another person. Although these factors have not been well-researched, some people say these things make their rosacea worse: Committee Service Nail care Website: https://www.fda.gov After a while, broken blood vessels might show through your skin, which can thicken and swell up. Up to half of people with rosacea also get eye problems like redness, swelling, and pain. 6/11/2018AOCD teams up with The Shade Project! For You In occasional cases, patients may use short-term topical cortisone (steroid) preparations of minimal strength to reduce local inflammation. Some mild steroids include desonide lotion or hydrocortisone 1% cream applied sparingly once or twice a day just to the irritated areas. There is a risk of causing a rosacea flare by using topical steroids. Prolonged use of topical steroids on the face can also cause irritated skin around the mouth (perioral dermatitis). WebMD Network Melanoma state reporting  Healthy Lifestyle 18 Common Rosacea Triggers Hot or spicy foods or drinks Living Healthy Website: https://www.fda.gov MedlinePlus links to health information from the National Institutes of Health and other federal government agencies. MedlinePlus also links to health information from non-government Web sites. See our disclaimer about external links and our quality guidelines. https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/160281.php. What causes them, and what you can do about them. Hands on: Cosmetics Medicines such as blood pressure drugs or steroids you put on your skin Mobile app National Institutes of Health Rosacea - Effective Treatments Nordqvist, C. (2017, December 15). "What is rosacea?." Medical News Today. Retrieved from URL of this page: https://medlineplus.gov/rosacea.html Go indoors. Get out of the heat and sun and cool off in an air-conditioned room. adult rosacea | rosacea rash adult rosacea | rosacea redness adult rosacea | rosacea remedies
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