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. Surgical treatment of vitiligo: why, when and how. J Eur Acad Dermatol Venereol. 2003;17(5):518–520pmid:12941084 Malka E,
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Speeckaert R, Latin[edit] ICD-10: L80ICD-9-CM: 709.01OMIM: 193200MeSH: D014820DiseasesDB: 13965 Growth & Development What parts of the body are susceptible to vitiligo?
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An ultraviolet light can be used in the early phase of this disease for identification and to determine the effectiveness of treatment. Skin with vitiligo, when exposed to a blacklight, will glow blue. In contrast, healthy skin will have no reaction.[citation needed]
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Halder RM, Chappell JL. Vitiligo update. Semin Cutan Med Surg. 2009 Jun;28(2):86-92. doi: 10.1016/j.sder.2009.04.008. Review. Ten years of Large Hadron Collider discoveries are just the start of decoding the universe
Vitiligo is a frequent cause of consultation and pediatricians and general physicians play a central role in its management. Indeed, as the disease should be referred early to potentialize treatment outcomes, they are at the frontline for referring patients to dermatologists and managing further treatment follow-up. Moreover, once the diagnosis has been confirmed by a dermatologist, early recognition of new flare-ups by pediatricians and general physicians will allow rapid therapeutic intervention to prevent the wide spread of the disease. Although there is no approved drug for the treatment of vitiligo, there is now an arsenal of therapeutic options that have proven efficacy in the management of the disease. Parents should be advised that the treatment is often long term and requires their adherence. The association of vitiligo with other autoimmune diseases should prompt physicians to carefully seek any autoimmune/autoinflammatory-associated disease. Finally, as the disease is disfiguring, one should not neglect its potential psychological impact, especially if the onset occurs during adolescence.
Ongenae K, The armpits and groin (where the leg meets the body) Discussions and articles on the DailyStrength website.
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Mercola Community FAQ Although it can start at any age, vitiligo often first appears between the ages of 20 and 30. The white patches may begin on your face above your eyes or on your neck, armpits, elbows, genitalia, hands or knees. They’re often symmetrical and can spread over your entire body. The disorder affects both sexes and all races equally.
Grimes PE, Hamzavi I, Lebwohl M, Ortonne JP, Lim HW. The efficacy of afamelanotide and narrowband UV-B phototherapy for repigmentation of vitiligo. JAMA Dermatol. 2013 Jan. 149 (1):68-73. [Medline].
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2.2 Autoimmune associations Vitiligo is a skin condition that causes white patches of skin to appear on various parts of the face and body, according to the Vitiligo Research Foundation (VRF). The disorder can also cause hair to lose its pigment and turn white. The condition can affect people of any race, but is more noticeable in people with darker skin and hair.
Sources Immune mediators[edit] Vitiligo: It is common to have vitiligo on the hands. Power of Probiotics Popular Health Centers Immune mediators[edit]
Practice Tools If a significant portion of the skin is affected or is not responsive to topical medications, doctors may prescribe antifungal pills for a short period. It often takes months for the skin to regain its normal color once the spots have cleared.
Acquired Nystagmus Nonsegmental Vitiligo Classes of non-segmental vitiligo include the following: Autoimmune diseases Books Mauro Picardo
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PUVA is an acronym. The P stands for psoralen, the U for ultra, the V for violet and the A for that portion of the solar spectrum between 290 and 320 nanometers in wavelength. PUVA was originally developed to treat psoriasis.
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Our doctors are leading experts in dermatology, conducting research on hard-to-treat skin disorders such as vitiligo. It’s through academic medical research that new treatments become possible for people who otherwise have few options.
. Synchronous onset of penile lichen sclerosus and vitiligo. Br J Dermatol. 2000;143(1):218–219pmid:10886180 Footnotes
Terzoudi S Related Articles de Wet, J., Jordaan, H. F., & Visser, W. I. (2017, March). Bilateral malar milia en plaque as primary presentation of discoid lupus erythematosus. JAAD Case Reports, 3(2), 106–109. Retrieved from
Whitton ME, Ashcroft DM, Gonzalez U. Therapeutic interventions for vitiligo. J Am Acad Dermatol 2008; 59: 713-7.
Piebaldism[22] Published If an area of pigment loss becomes apparent, it would seem prudent for any patient to have the diagnosis of vitiligo confirmed by a physician.
White or depigmented macules and patches Other conditions Vitiligo is a skin condition that has been around for centuries and has been documented in various historical accounts. The clear cause for this condition has not yet been pinpointed because of the varying external factors connected to its development. However, it is now being credited as an autoimmune disease where the immune system attacks and kills off the cells that are responsible for the production of melanin.
Vitiligo is a chronic disease process. Its course is highly variable and unpredictable, but rapid onset followed by a period of stability or low progression is most characteristic. Up to 30% of vitiligo patients report some spontaneous repigmentation, particularly in sun-exposed areas, but this is almost never enough to be satisfactory to the patient
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PUVA — 77. Vitiligo is a common disorder, affecting between 0.5 percent and 1 percent of the population worldwide. While the condition may be more noticeable in dark-skinned people, it occurs with similar frequency in all ethnic groups.
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    A close blood relative who has vitiligo.
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    Vitiligo is relatively common, with a rate of 1-2%. Approximately 30% of vitiligo cases occur with a familial clustering of cases.

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    Nicolaidou E, Antoniou C, Stratigos A et al. “Narrowband ultraviolet B phototherapy and 308-nm excimer laser in the treatment of vitiligo: a review.” J Am Acad Dermatol 2009; 60: 470-7.
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    There are two types of vitiligo: segmental and non-segmental.

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    Although vitiligo is mainly a cosmetic condition, people with vitiligo may experience a variety of problems:
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    The actual cause is still unknown though numerous studies have been conducted on the subject. Some of the perceived causes are emotional stress, hereditary factors, worms, sunburns and physical illness. This skin condition can be aggravated due to diseases like hyperthyroidism, diabetes mellitus, pernicious anemia and Addison’s disease.
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    Proposed therapeutic algorithm for childhood vitiligo.
    . Treatment of vitiligo with a topical application of pseudocatalase and calcium in combination with short-term UVB exposure: a case study on 33 patients. Dermatology. 1995;190(3):223–229pmid:7599386
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    Dr. Hamzavi explains how vitiligo can affect a person’s self-esteem and emphasizes that vitiligo is very treatable.
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