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Treatment of OLP Chi-Square Distribution Related Article in PubMed 03184 Torrevieja Alicante
$26.99 Topical. Mouthwash, ointment or gel is applied directly to the mucous membrane — the preferred method. screening programme
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In the tissue obtained from the buccal mucosa, an ulcerative area was observed (Figure 4A). In addition, this lesion showed atrophic epithelium, dense lymphocytic inflammatory infiltrate in the lamina propria and also vascular tissue hyperemia (Figure 4B). Thus, the microscopic findings confirmed the OLP diagnosis.
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Procedures & Tests 28 HomeLichen planus   Daytime xerostomia How many of your patients have skin lesions? Universidad Complutense de Madrid.
Oral anticoagulant therapy: Preventing bleeding in patients having dental extractions A relationship between Candida and OLP has been suggested since 1980.26 The Candida species are a common oral flora in healthy individuals without any symptoms or clinical signs of Candida infection. Among the Candida species, Candida albicans is the most prevalent in both healthy and diseased oral cavities, and shows carriage rates ranging from 60% to 80%.27 Certain systemic or local factors, including systemic antibiotics therapy, diabetes mellitus, immunodeficiency, poor oral hygiene, and systemic or local steroid therapy, promote susceptibility to Candida infection.28
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Esophagus. Lichen planus of the esophagus also is rare, but when it occurs, it may result in a narrowing of the esophagus or the formation of tightened, ringlike bands in the esophagus that can make swallowing difficult.
66. Romero MA, Seoane J, Varela-Centelles P, et al. Prevalence of diabetes mellitus amongst oral lichen planus patients. Clinical and pathological characteristics. Med Oral. 2002;7:121–9. [PubMed]
Usatine, R. P. & Tinitigan, M. (2011, July). Diagnosis and treatment of lichen planus. American Family Physician, 1, 84(1), 53-60. Retrieved from
Nineteen patients had oral lichen planus, 19 patients had oral lichenoid lesions and 11 patients had generalised stomatitis. 38.8% had contact allergy. Xerostomia was significantly more common and severe in patients (46.9%) than in healthy controls, whereas the saliva flow rates did not differ. The patients had higher sIgA levels in unstimulated and chewing-stimulated saliva than the healthy controls. The total protein concentration in saliva was lower in the unstimulated saliva samples whereas it was higher in the chewing stimulated saliva samples from patients when compared to healthy controls. The differences were not significant and they were irrespective of the presence of contact allergy.
Images/Data Links 8 4 36 8 Cetatea Histria Polyclinic, Bucharest, Romania.
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4 star Company Import into BibTex Urology Oral lichen planus (OLP) is a chronic inflammatory disorder affecting mucosal surfaces. The posterior buccal mucosa is most frequently involved, followed by the tongue, gingiva, and vermilion of the lower lip.1 Lichen planus may also occur on nonoral epithelial surfaces, such as the skin, genitalia, nails, and hair follicles. The oral form is a relatively common dermatologic condition that affects approximately 1% to 4% of the population.2-4 Onset generally occurs in the fifth or sixth decade of life,5 although all ages may be affected, including children. The disease occurs in all races. There is controversy as to whether there is a female predisposition.
This case report enumerates the dermoscopic findings of oral lichen planus, which is described less in literature. The images, descriptions of each dermoscopic finding, histopathological correlation and discussion is aptly written. Wickham striae seen as veil-like structureless grey-white to bluish white areas, and specked-pearly pattern are highlighting dermoscopic features described here , for oral lichen planus. These findings need to be validated on larger studies.
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