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Tinea versicolor (TIN-ee-uh vur-si-KUL-ur) occurs most frequently in teens and young adults. Sun exposure may make tinea versicolor more apparent. Tinea versicolor, which is also called pityriasis versicolor, is not painful or contagious. But it can lead to emotional distress or self-consciousness.
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Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh: “Tinea Versicolor.” – Ketoconazole 2% or selenium sulfide shampoo 2.5% for the scalp once or twice a week may lower the yeast load and decrease recurrence rates as well.
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Applying over-the-counter dandruff shampoo containing selenium sulfide or ketoconazole to the skin for 10 minutes each day in the shower is another treatment option.
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What a dermatologist prescribes depends on several things. These include where the tinea versicolor appears on your body, how much skin has tinea versicolor, how thick the spots have grown, and the climate.
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Occasionally white marks persist long after the scaling and yeasts have gone and despite exposure to the sun. In such cases, further antifungal treatment is unhelpful.
The rash is usually confined to shoulders, mid-back, and chest, but occasionally it will extend further down the arms. Facial involvement is only occasionally seen, usually in African-Americans and other darker-skinned patients.
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The Stigma of Psoriasis Although it is not considered infectious in the conventional sense, pityriasis versicolor sometimes affects more than one member of a family.
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Tinea versicolor is a long-term (chronic) fungal infection of the skin. Mental Health
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Lake Worth Textbook Tinea Versicolor – Signs and Symptoms Very High UV (Comprehensive review of tinea versicolor treatment options) – Pityriasis alba generally presents as small, ill-defined, hypopigmented plaques with fine scale in atopic individuals, usually children. Most commonly the plaques appear on the face with occasional involvement of the upper arms and shoulders; rarely they appear elsewhere.
Some home remedies such as coconut oil, oregano oil, and Indian lilac have the potential to encourage growth of the yeast, especially when they use an olive oil base. Yogurt has been recommended to be ingested and applied topically for the probiotic effect.
Most cases of tinea versicolor occur in healthy individuals with no immunologic deficiencies. Nevertheless, several factors predispose some people to develop this condition. These factors include genetic predisposition; warm, humid environments; immunosuppression; malnutrition; application of oily preparations; corticosteroid usage; and Cushing disease. [11, 12, 13] The use of bath oils and skin lubricants may increase the risk of developing tinea versicolor. [14]
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If a fungus grows a lot it may lead to a medical condition. Tinea versicolor is one example. This skin condition is caused by a fungus, and is usually harmless. Many people who have it don’t know that a fungus is to blame for their discolored skin patches. Read about the typical symptoms and effective treatments.
Sepaskhah M, Sadat MS, Pakshir K, Bagheri Z. Comparative efficacy of topical application of tacrolimus and clotrimazole in the treatment of pityriasis versicolor: A single blind, randomised clinical trial. Mycoses. 2017 Jan 25. [Medline].
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Living Well Member benefits Tinea versicolor – American Academy of Dermatology Although tinea versicolor can occur in immunosuppressed patients, most affected patients are healthy.
– Since the causative yeast is part of the normal skin flora, it is not contagious. None of these have been studied in pregnancy and all herbal and “natural” treatments should be approached carefully in the pregnant patient.
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Recognized Credit Search Medical Author: Pityriasis versicolor most frequently affects young adults and is slightly more common in men than in women. It can also affect children, adolescents and older adults.
David Herold, MD, MBA The rash consists of generally symmetric individual and confluent hypo- or hyperpigmented (classically fawn-colored) occasionally pink, round, or oval patches or thin plaques; often with superficial fine, grainy scale (Figure 1, Figure 2, Figure 3). All affected areas typically are the same color in any given individual.
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    Pityriasis versicolor is a common yeast infection of the skin, in which flaky discoloured patches appear on the chest and back.
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    Also called pityriasis versicolor
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  3. Nakabayashi A, Sei Y, Guillot J. Identification of Malassezia species isolated from patients with seborrhoeic dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, pityriasis versicolor and normal subjects. Med Mycol. 2000 Oct. 38 (5):337-41. [Medline].
    Clinical Knowledge Summaries, NHS: “Pityriasis Versicolor.”
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  4. Spots that do not tan the way the rest of your skin does.
    Jump up ^ Faergemann, Jan (2000). “Management of Seborrheic Dermatitis and Pityriasis Versicolor”. Am. J. Clin. Dermatol. 1 (2): 75–80. doi:10.2165/00128071-200001020-00001. PMID 11702314.
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    – Terra firma-forme dermatosis is characterized by hyperpigmented patches (“dirty-appearing skin”), most commonly on the neck, and occasionally on the arms or trunk, which wipe off with isopropyl or 70% ethyl alcohol. Soap and water is ineffective.
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    Oxidative stress as shown by expression of reduced glutathione contributes to the pathogenesis of this condition. [15]
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  7. Tinea versicolor is easy to treat. Changes in skin color may last for months. The condition may come back during warm weather.
    Tinea versicolor can be successfully treated with various agents. [30] Effective topical agents include selenium sulfide, zinc-pyrithione, sodium sulfacetamide, ciclopirox olamine, [31] , tacrolimus, [32] as well as azole and allylamine antifungals. [33, 34, 35, 36, 37] Even if a small area of skin is involved, treating with topicals from the neck to the knees may make treatment more successful. [14] Various regimens can be used. Selenium sulfide lotion is liberally applied to affected areas of the skin daily for 2 weeks; each application is allowed to remain on the skin for at least 10 minutes prior to being washed off. In resistant cases, overnight application can be helpful. Topical azole antifungals can be applied every night for 2 weeks. Weekly application of any of the topical agents for the following few months may help prevent recurrence. In patients with widespread disease, some topical antifungal therapy can be expensive. Over-the-counter shampoo formulations of selenium sulfide, zinc-pyrithione, and ketoconazole are low-cost options that are widely available and can easily be used to cover large surface areas. Topical allylamines have been demonstrated to be clinically and mycologically effective. Tacrolimus 0.03% applied topically has been shown to provide a mycologically effective treatment; however, it is not effective in speeding the reduction in appearance of hypopigmentation associated with tinea versicolor.
    Become more noticeable when you have a tan (the yeast prevents the skin from tanning).
    Topical econazole (Spectazole), ciclopirox (Ciclodan), ketoconazole (Xolegel, Nizoral), clotrimazole (Lotrimin), and miconazole (Monistat) are all effective in treating tinea versicolor when applied until there is no further itching, scaling, or redness. Topical terbinafine (Lamisil) may be effective but may not work as well for yeast-related problems as it does for other fungal infections. Products that combine an antifungal with an exfoliating agent (Kerasal) or with an absorptive powder (Zeasorb) would be harder to use over a large area of the back and shoulders than a cream or spray.
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