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Obesity 14. Log in via OpenAthens It may sound too simple, but exercise and drinking plenty of water are two easy and effective ways to help heal psoriasis. When it comes to bathing, you definitely don’t want to use water that’s too hot because this can further dry and inflame your skin. Soaking in a lukewarm bath containing dead sea salts, Epsom salt or oats for around 15 minutes can help remove scales and calm itching. Be sure to apply moisturizer to your skin as soon as you get out of a bath or shower — this way you can seal some water into your skin, which can help to calm and heal psoriasis patches.
Select Trade Most patients with psoriasis seem to be overweight. Since there is a predisposition for those patients to develop cardiovascular disease and diabetes, it is suggested strongly that they try to maintain a normal body weight. Although evidence is sparse, it has been suggested that slender patients are more likely to respond to treatment.
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EO recipe idea: Mix three drops of lavender oil and three drop of frankincense oil with on teaspoon of coconut oil and rub onto affected area.
Coal tar topicals will make your skin more sensitive to the sun, so use caution outdoors on days following your treatment. Tell your doctor if any of the following side effects become severe or persist: itching, burning, redness, or staining of your skin or hair Serious side effects may include signs of infection in or around the treated area, and signs of anaphylaxis, which may include rash, hives, difficulty breathing, chest tightness, or swelling of your face, mouth, lips, or tongue.
Psoriasis Symptoms and Complications 9 Occasionally, it can be difficult to differentiate eczematous dermatitis from psoriasis. This is when a biopsy can be quite valuable to distinguish between the two conditions. Of note, both eczematous dermatitis and psoriasis often respond to similar treatments. Certain types of eczematous dermatitis can be cured where this is not the case for psoriasis.
It’s a pill that can help you Become an Educated Patient Followers Lecluse LL, Tutein Nolthenius JL, Bos JD, Spuls PI. Patient preferences and satisfaction with systemic therapies for psoriasis: an area to be explored.  Br J Dermatol. 2009;160(6):1340-1343PubMedGoogle ScholarCrossref
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Many suggest that because of the comorbidities of heart disease and cardiovascular disease that if adult patients have not been recently evaluated and screened for these, they should either be tested or referred back to their primary care provider to consider what is appropriate for any particular patient.
Newsletter Low levels of vitamin D may be associated with psoriasis. available at $6 Pharmacy and Clinical Pharmacology
Backhaus K, ed, Erichson B, ed, Plinke W, ed, Weiber R, ed. Multivariate Analysemethoden. Vol 11. Berlin, Germany: Springer; 2006 Due to the association between psoriasis and metabolic syndrome, weight loss, smoking cessation, moderation of alcohol intake, and blood pressure control may also lead to improvements in skin disease [1,2]. 
No, psoriasis is not currently curable. However, it can go into remission, producing an entirely normal skin surface. Ongoing research is actively making progress on finding better treatments and a possible cure in the future.
Take the Skin Quiz Less is More It is not effective for scalp psoriasis or flexural sites. available at $10 Statistics from
Psoriasis is a common, chronic, immune-mediated skin disease with characteristic red, scaly plaques caused by the excessive proliferation of skin cells. Psoriasis affects about 2 percent of the U.S. population. In 1990, psoriasis was the reason for more than 1 million visits to physicians.1 In the past, the treatment of psoriasis was primarily managed by dermatologists; this disorder accounted for only 0.4 percent of skin-related visits to family physicians.2 The number of patients treated by family physicians, however, is likely to have steadily increased as more patients seek medical care of psoriasis from their primary care physicians.
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INDOCIN Notable Notes Bruner CR, Feldman SR, Ventrapragada M, Fleischer AB Jr. A systematic review of adverse effects associated with topical treatments for psoriasis. Dermatol Online J2003;9:2.
Ear Wax Removal Psoriasis facts Light therapy involves exposing your skin to ultraviolet light under the supervision of a doctor. Ultraviolet light can help slow the growth of skin cells triggered by psoriasis. This type of therapy often requires consistent and frequent sessions. It should be noted that tanning beds are not a means of achieving light therapy. Too much sunlight can actually worsen psoriasis. Light therapy should always be done under the supervision of a doctor.
Trials of Taltz (ixekizumab, Lilly) also showed significant improvement in scalp psoriasis, with 75 percent of patients clear at week 12.4
CME Post View 75 Comments STELARA® (ustekinumab) is a prescription medicine that affects your immune system. STELARA® can increase your chance of having serious side effects including:
Advertise with MDedge For Your Patients Scalp psoriasis But this isn’t the first time the “miracle” cream has made headlines for its ability to clear up stubborn skin conditions. 
Bimekizumab brings ‘clear’ or ‘almost clear’ skin to most patients in clinical trial. Psoriasis cannot be cured, but there are treatment options that include biologic drugs, topicals, and light therapy.
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In all cases, the therapeutic goal is to maximize treatment efficacy and the patient’s quality of life, while minimizing side effects. Achieving and maintaining control of psoriatic lesions is the central goal in treatment. Physicians and patients need to understand that there is no definitive cure for psoriasis (Figure 4). Control of the disease may mean that lesions are not as thick or as red as they were before treatment, but some degree of erythema may remain. Most often, treatment does not result in complete clearing of the lesions.
Order Psoriasis generally appears as patches of raised red skin covered by a flaky white buildup.  In certain kinds of psoriasis, it also has a pimple-ish, or burned discolored appearance.  Psoriasis can also cause intense itching and burning.
MyDermPath+ Jennifer’s plaque psoriasis symptoms made her self-conscious. With Otezla, she’s living differently. Mediterranean Diet Might Help Ease Psoriasis
Sign up for email alerts Otezla: A pill you take once in the morning and once at night. Otezla is not a biologic, an injection, or a cream. Otzela is approved to treat moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. Otezla works from inside the body to help reduce inflammation. It is also approved for the treatment of adults with active psoriatic arthritis.
Site Feedback Abels DJ, Rose T, Bearman JE. Treatment of psoriasis at a Dead Sea dermatology clinic. Int J Dermatol1995;34:134–7. Most Popular Articles Drug-induced psoriasis
Management of psoriasis may involve topical and systemic medication, phototherapy, stress reduction, climatotherapy, and various adjuncts such as sunshine, moisturizers, salicylic acid, and other keratolytics such as urea.
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Email Featured Topics Celgene Corporation, 86 Morris Avenue, Summit, NJ 07901 Otezla® is a registered trademark of Celgene Corporation. Vitamin D3 (5,000 IU daily)
Contact Dermatitis Skin, hair, and nail care Style Kui R, Gál B, Gaál M, Kiss M, Kemény L, Gyulai R. Presence of antidrug antibodies correlates inversely with the plasma tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-α level and the efficacy of TNF-inhibitor therapy in psoriasis. J Dermatol. 2016 Feb 19. [Medline].
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  1. Regular blood tests should monitor liver function and blood count while the patient is on methotrexate.
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    Highly effective. Careful monitoring required. The long-term risk of renal toxicity, which may not be detectable by blood tests, limits long-term use.
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    Probiotics are friendly bacteria that can be found in yogurt, fermented foods, and supplements. Experts agree that the right balance of bacteria in the body helps the immune system. Because psoriasis is an autoimmune disease, probiotics may be helpful in managing psoriasis symptoms.
    National Psoriasis Foundation: “Complementary approaches: natural elements;” “Over-the-counter (OTC) Topicals;” “Can Diet Heal Psoriasis?” and “Gluten-free Diet.”
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  5. Takahashi H, Sugita S, Shimizu N, Mochizuki M. A high viral load of Epstein-Barr virus DNA in ocular fluids in an HLA-B27-negative acute anterior uveitis patient with psoriasis. Jpn J Ophthalmol. 2008 Mar-Apr. 52(2):136-8. [Medline].
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    Excimer Laser: Laser Treatment with the PHAROS EX-308 laser delivers concentrated, high-dose ultraviolet B treatment to psoriatic plaques. Because treatment is limited only to affected areas, the laser may safely deliver higher treatment doses than conventional UVB, leading to faster clearance of the psoriasis. Laser treatment for psoriasis is covered by most major insurance plans.
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    Methotrexate can cause fetal harm so women should not become pregnant while taking methotrexate and for 3 months after stopping it.
    PUVA is more likely than narrowband UVB treatment to cause skin cancer, especially squamous cell carcinoma, and is usually limited to a maximum of 100–200 lifetime treatments.

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    A study in the journal Gut Microbes suggests that a certain type of probiotic called Bifidobacterium infantis 35624 may help regulate certain inflammatory responses in the body that contribute to psoriasis symptoms.
    This site is published by Janssen Biotech, Inc., which is solely responsible for its contents. The material on this site is intended only as informational or as an educational aid and it is not intended to be taken as medical advice. The ultimate responsibility for patient care resides with a healthcare professional.
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    Alwan, W., and F.O. Nestle. “Pathogenesis and Treatment of Psoriasis: Exploiting Pathophysiological Pathways for Precision Medicine.” Clin Exp Rheumatol 33 (Suppl. 93): S2-S6.
    This treatment uses natural or artificial ultraviolet light. The simplest and easiest form of phototherapy involves exposing your skin to controlled amounts of natural sunlight.

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    The attributes were separated into 2 groups to avoid information “overload ” during the CA exercises.32 The first group included (1) magnitude of benefit, (2) duration of benefit, (3) probability of AEs, (4) AE severity, (5) AE reversibility, and (6) cost. The second group included (1) probability of benefit; (2) treatment location, frequency, duration, and delivery method; and (3) cost. Cost was included in both groups to verify internal consistency and to allow later comparison between groups. The hypothetical treatment scenarios were designed using commercially available conjoint analysis software ( Of the 4096 (4   ×  4   ×  4   ×  4   ×  4   ×  4) treatment scenarios possible for each group of attributes, 12 pairs of scenarios were randomly selected by the software for each respondent. The random selection of scenario pairs was used to minimize possible bias associated with the order in which the scenario pairs were presented (Table 2). Respondents were asked to choose their most preferred treatment option (ie, the utility maximizing option) from each pair of treatment scenarios. Utility is the net benefit an individual would derive from a treatment option, assumed to be based on the option’s attribute levels and the sum of their associated “part-worth ” utilities.28
    But not all lotions are created equal. Many contain chemicals, fragrances and dyes that could irritate your skin, so please choose wisely. 
    Other forms of light therapy include the use of artificial ultraviolet A (UVA) or ultraviolet B (UVB) light, either alone or in combination with medications.
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  11. 3. American Academy of Dermatology. Committee on Guidelines of Care, Task Force on Psoriasis. Guidelines of care for psoriasis. J Am Acad Dermatol. 1993;28:632–7.
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    Kjaer T, Bech M, Gyrd-Hansen D, Hart-Hansen K. Ordering effect and price sensitivity in discrete choice experiments: need we worry?  Health Econ. 2006;15(11):1217-1228PubMedGoogle ScholarCrossref
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    Potential side effects from corticosteroids include cutaneous atrophy, telangiectasia and striae, acne eruption, glaucoma, hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis suppression and, in children, growth retardation. The true incidence of corticosteroid-induced hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal suppression is unknown, but it is of concern with prolonged use.7 Often, evidence of hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis suppression is found on the laboratory results, even when clinical symptoms are absent. Careful long-term follow-up of patients receiving topical corticosteroid therapy is highly recommended to detect potential complications.
    Psoriasis is related to inherited genes.
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    People should look for creams that contain no added fragrances or dyes.

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  14. Longo DL, et al., eds. Eczema, psoriasis, cutaneous infections, acne, and other common skin disorders. In: Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine. 19th ed. New York, N.Y.: The McGraw-Hill Education; 2015. Accessed Dec. 8, 2016.
    Yeung H, Takeshita J, Mehta NN, et al. Psoriasis Severity and the Prevalence of Major Medical Comorbidity: A Population-Based Study. JAMA Dermatol. 2013 Aug 7. [Medline].
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    Gastrointestinal disease – Considering evaluating patients with decreased growth rate, unexplained weight loss, or symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease
    Alternatively, the National Psoriasis Foundation (NPF) recommended BSA as the preferred outcome measure in a recent consensus statement and concluded that an outcome of 3% or less BSA involvement or improvement in BSA of 75% or more is considered a desirable treatment response.9 Additionally, the Medicare Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) guidelines for successful systemic treatment response include at least 1 of the following: (1) physician global assessment score of 2 or lower, (2) BSA involvement of less than 3%, (3) PASI score lower than 3, or (4) DLQI score of 5 or lower.10
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    Most patients with psoriasis have skin lesions limited to localised areas such as the elbows or knees. For these patients, topical therapy may remain part of their therapeutic regimen whether or not they require additional treatments for psoriatic arthritis. Even those treated with phototherapy or systemic therapies, including biologicals, have residual lesions that may require topical remedies.

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    Narrow band UVB phototherapy. A newer type of psoriasis treatment, narrow band UVB phototherapy may be more effective than broadband UVB treatment. It’s usually administered two or three times a week until the skin improves, and then maintenance may require only weekly sessions. Narrow band UVB phototherapy may cause more-severe and longer lasting burns, however.
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